September 22, 2016

Sarah & Jordan – Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida, New York

Sarah & Jordan – Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida, New York

Sarah and Jordan are absolute rockstars! They are so fun, playful, and in love love love! I was very excited to see these two interact because during engagement sessions I get a better insight into relationships. And theirs gave me a better understanding as to who they are and how their love balances each other. Sarah being the fire that puts Jordan at ease and Jordan the strong gentleman that flourishes her. They are beautiful to watch interact and I’m so excited to document their wedding day. We met at Wolf Oak Acres to photograph their engagement session and they decided to bring along their beautiful dog, Kailee and Lola, as well as vintage bicycles to ride. We explored and photographed around the property and had way too much fun. It was an afternoon well spent in perfect weather. Now, just anticipation to the wedding! Congratulation on your engagement, Sarah and Jordan!









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