Oct 11, 2019

Alyssa & Anthony – A Memory of Tucker

Preface (From October 7, 2019): What was originally supposed to be an engagement session turned into something totally different. Alyssa and Anthony’s dog, Tucker became suddenly ill. He was bleeding internally and didn’t have much time left. The day of our engagement session, Alyssa and Anthony knew it was time for Tucker to go. So we decided to take photos to remember him by and save the engagement photos for another time. This session was really powerful, sad, beautiful, painful, something that really hit me hard because I’ve experienced this same loss. But I felt extremely honored to be there capturing the moments before he left. The love, loyalty, and joy these dogs give us is so immense and they are family. So my condolences to Alyssa and Anthony. Tucker was a beautiful dog and I’m happy I got to photograph him and meet him.

Today: After culling and editing this session, I observed everything. The way that Anthony and Alyssa smiled trying their best to embrace a moment and savor a life. I know it was probably a bag of mixed emotions jumping back and forth at the time but I’m so glad that they were able to just, smile. They knew Tucker was about to leave them and they knew they wanted photography of happy memories so they allowed themselves to be present for the 30 minutes that I was there. To just be as everything was before, even if it was vast moments at a time. And I think Tucker did the same. I could tell he was so happy to just be with his family. I hope these photographs memorialize him and the happiness that he’s brought and the happy memories that he has given Alyssa and Anthony for rest of their lives.



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