Nov 6, 2019

Alyssa & Anthony – Old Forge, NY

Alyssa and Anthony are like my muses. They are always willing to go along with any of my ideas and look good doing it too, even if I just want to “try something”. They’re always totally up for helping me create something I envision. I appreciate when people come to me with that outlook on photography because if it weren’t for art’s sake. I’d be miserable in my job. But no, I’m lucky enough to have people like Alyssa and Anthony making me feel fulfilled as an artist. And I’m doubly excited because these two are taking me to Mexico next year to photograph their wedding. They may be making all of my photography dreams come true.

I originally witnessed these two at their friend’s wedding. After Anthony’s best man speech I slyly noticed him and Alyssa on the dance floor. What I noticed the most was that they were dancing like no one else was there. They were so immersed with each other that they practically glowed. I actually hoped they would someday contact me so I could work with them. The universe must have felt that because not too long after Alyssa e-mailed me! Thank you, universe! And a huge congratulations to Alyssa and Anthony! These two and their love make me insanely happy.



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