Oct 22, 2018

Audrey & Seth – Wright’s Farm in Gardiner, NY

Audrey and Seth were kind enough to make the trip from Brooklyn to meet me in Gardiner, New York where they often go apple picking and get some fresh air from the city. I’ve been to a lot of apple orchards since my kids find apple picking extremely entertaining but I have never seen an apple orchard quite like Wright’s Farm. It is humongous! You even have to drive to get to the main orchard area. The day of Audrey and Seth’s engagement forecasted 0% rain but as we both approached the border of Gardiner, there it was. But like the rockstars they are we all braved the rain and went for the photo session. I’m so glad that we did because Audrey and Seth look beautiful and it made me so excited for their wedding day.

Audrey and Seth met at SUNY Oneonta where Seth noticed Audrey and a month later asked her out! Several years later after making the relationship work through distance, careers, then living together, Seth proposed to Audrey on the Brooklyn bridge! I’m looking forward to their wedding next year at their family cottage and Dibble’s Inn! Congratulations, Audrey and Seth!



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