Sep 25, 2019

Azra & Dejan – Root Glen in Clinton, NY

I’ve always known Azra through acquaintances and social media so I was so happy to hear she wanted me to photograph her engagement session. I always love getting to know people IRL (in real life). I would take IRL any day. I met her in Clinton, New York and she was exactly what I expected, beautiful inside and out. She then introduced me to her fiancé Dejan who is coincidentally also beautiful inside and out. I loved seeing the dynamic of the two of them. They constantly joke with each other and flirt with each which is incredibly refreshing. It makes it seem like they just met when in reality they’ve known each other since high school! So check out Azra and Dejan’s engagement session in Root Glen on Hamilton College Campus and if you see them around send them a big congratulations! Thanks for hanging with me on a beautiful afternoon, guys!!



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