Aug 7, 2019

Calli & Dave – Hamilton College in Clinton, NY

I loved hanging with Calli and Dave. I loved that they very quickly got into the groove of being photographed and just enjoyed each other. Which is something I always try to strive for. I’m a photographer which makes me an expert observer, right? Calli is spirited and has the kind of smile that lights up a room. Dave is strong and sweet and clearly adores Calli.  When I photographed (observed) these two together, I felt that positivity that makes marriage so exciting and love so real. I have to thank these two for enjoying a perfect afternoon with me. I even took them to a spot that I’ve never photographed before but they trusted my creativity and chased light with me. I had so much fun and cannot wait to see these two again on one of the most important day of their lives! Congratulations to Calli and Dave!



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