May 27, 2021

Cara & Adam – The Orchards at Rocking Horse Farm in Jamesville, NY

No one wants to really recall the year 2020. But I will say that thinking positively, people that planned a wedding in 2020 have shown incredible resilience. Planning a wedding alone is like a job, rescheduling is another, planning more than one event to accommodate a pandemic is another. The list goes on because everyone has had to experience change in one way or another. And let’s face it, it was stressful. So for people like Cara and Adam that got through it with crafting Plan A, B, and C, I admire their resilience. And their ultimate goal to be married.

Cara and Adam had the most beautiful intimate wedding at The Orchards at Rocking Horse Farm in Jamesville, New York. The atmosphere was so serene with the animals roaming the farm and the rolling hills surrounding the orchards. Cara and Adam were wed and celebrated in such a poetic and relaxing way that made it so unique and special. It wasn’t exactly what they envisioned but now they get two days to celebrate. They will return next year for a big celebration and for now, the most important thing is that they’re married. Congratulations to Cara and Adam!



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