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Apr 6, 2015

I did a session with Cassandra, Jeremy, and Carter a while back and it’s amazing how much Carter has grown in a year.  What’s even cuter is that he still has that same positive energy and face full of smiles.  He seems like the happiest kid alive and I’m sure he is thanks to Cass […]

Oct 16, 2014

I’ve known Cassandra and Jeremy for years now.  Back in 2009 I shot their engagement session at Hamilton College when I was first starting out in photography.  5 years later they are happily married with a beautiful new son, Carter!  So we decided to return to Root Glen at Hamilton College to shoot their family […]

Jul 23, 2014

I try to avoid family and maternity sessions during wedding/engagement season but I couldn’t say no to a very close friend of mine that I grew up with.  Her sister, Joanne just had her second child, Ela and wanted a family session.  I photographed Joanne and Aaron’s first kid, Lidia years ago so I just […]

Mar 27, 2014

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is when I get to photograph the bride and groom alone.  There’s always a peace and calm having a few moments away from the all the people and the busy atmosphere.  I look forward to those moments because it gives them a chance to just enjoy […]

Mar 27, 2014

I was contacted by a local band to take their photographs and of course my answer was yes.  I love to support my local musicians and artists.  So we started out with the lead singer of Darling Nikki and the Dappers, whom is crazy gorgeous!  Talk about the lady in red, right?  We had a […]