May 2, 2018

Dorien & Evan – Sky Armory in Syracuse, NY

At Colgate University Evan was the only guy taking a class full of women. One of those girls was Dorien. Very quickly Dorien became the only girl. Love was blossoming and became evident. The years after were spent together even through many distances. Then in 2016 Evan proposed and their wedding was in the works.

Some would say that the first wedding of the season is your “warm up” wedding but I beg to differ. I didn’t have to “warm up” to capture any moments because I had an inkling that Dorien and Evan had a love that is irrepressible. So not to toot my own horn but I was ready. I was gung-ho to see how their wedding would unfold. I was eager to tell their story in the best way that I know how, through photographs. You will see the lightness of the start of the day. You will see the joy of the first look. You will see rain not getting in anyone’s way. Then the ceremony is where it all peaked. It seemed like everyone was in both tears by Dorien and Evan’s sight of each other. All it took was one look.

My first wedding of the season was incredible. That is because Dorien and Evan’s love for each other is powerful and they gave me the opportunity to witness it and document it. I have to thank them for starting my wedding season off right. You two are my favorite kind of romantics. Congratulations, Dorien and Evan!

Videography: Live Oak Films   //   Preparation Location: Marriott Syracuse Downtown   //   Portraits Location: Barnes Hiscock Mansion   //   Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sky Armory   //   Catering: Sky Armory



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