Jul 13, 2017

Dorien & Evan – Syracuse & Green Lakes State Park

I first met Dorien and Evan via Skype! We had a consultation about their wedding next Spring. Then we finally met in person for their engagement session in downtown Syracuse. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that we all spent some time living in Boston, love dogs, and COFFEE! They taught me how to make cold brew coffee and I now start off every Summer morning with it. Thanks guys! And I just absolutely love their company. We shot around the downtown area with their beautiful pup, Eleanor.

Next stop was Green Lakes State Park which astounds me every time that I visit. The lake has an unusual chemistry of sediments that make the water immensely green. We walked along the lake and then eventually found a spot for a little picnic with champagne! I cannot stress enough how excited I am to be working with Dorien and Evan. I’m so excited for their wedding day and everything that the future holds for them. Congratulations you two and I’ll see you soon!!



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