Sep 26, 2018

Gina & Louie – Downtown Utica, NY Engagement

Gina and Louie are so easy to photograph because they are always on the same wavelength. So much so that they exude this harmonious confidence that I really admire. It was as if they weren’t even being photographed, just enjoying the afternoon! It was a great reminder to just enjoy life and your partner in crime. I could tell that they love fearlessly and support each other unwaveringly.

Gina is a RN and Louie is a hockey coach. They both have an impressive work ethic and are passionate about their careers. Louie proposed to Gina at Pirate’s Cove in Port Jefferson, New York and they have been planning a beautiful wedding ever since.

I can’t wait for their wedding next year as I can tell it’s going to be loads of fun with fantastic people. Until then, congratulations to these two beautiful lovebirds!



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