Aug 8, 2017

Heidi & Bob – The Woods Inn in Inlet, New York

Heidi and Bob met at a fundraiser charity event through a running group. They starting talking and before they knew it the conversation was lasting hours! I think they both knew, it was the beginning of something amazing and everlasting. If literal sparks could fly, I’m pretty sure they would be blazing.

3 years later after a relaxing night of dinner, fireworks, and strolling the Syracuse Creekwalk, Bob pulled Heidi aside. In a secluded patio area Bob proposed to Heidi and she said yes!

The Adirondacks is a place where Heidi and her family always spent their Summers so it seemed appropriate to have their wedding there! Which made for an amazing atmosphere of woods, lakes, bonfires, and s’mores! They wed at Big Moose Chapel in Eagle Bay, New York and celebrated their new marriage at The Woods Inn in Inlet, New York. It was an amazing day filled with so much happiness. And the day turned into night with dancing by the sunset, bonfires, and s’mores being made. All in all, a perfect wedding day! Congratulations to Heidi and Bob!

Ceremony Venue: Big Moose Chapel
Reception Venue: The Woods Inn

Catering: The Woods Inn



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