Oct 10, 2017

Jacqueline & Michael – The Radisson in Utica, NY

When looking back at Jacqueline and Mike’s engagement session, I could not wait to photograph their wedding. They are just so warm, full of kindness, and clearly in love. The day of I immediately felt that same warmness from all of Jacqueline and Mike’s family and friends. At their family home I couldn’t stop looking at their hallways covered with photographs of them. Each one told a story of Jacqueline and Mike’s life together. It showed so much of the behind the scenes joy and laughter that was about to be celebrated.

At Historic St. John’s Church in Utica, New York, Jacqueline and Michael locked eyes as Jacqueline happily walked down the isle. She looked beautiful and Michael was handsome as ever. They had a wonderful ceremony full of memorable moments and even lots of laughs. I always appreciate a officiant that can make everyone both laugh and grace wisdom about love. They were married!

We then headed to Forest Hills Cemetery which if you are a Utica local, you know it isn’t what a cemetery usually looks like! It’s actually stunning with impressive stone structures and gorgeous foliage everywhere that you look. I absolutely love shooting there! Then we headed to The Radisson hotel where Jacqueline and Michael celebrated their new marriage. I have never seen that ballroom look so beautiful and everyone was astounded as they entered the room. The night was filled with delicious food, spirits, and dancing. It was the perfect day and Jacqueline and Mike were absolutely beaming. Congratulations to these two!!!

Ceremony Venue: Historic St. John’s Church

Photography Venue: Forest Hills Cemetery

Reception Venue: The Radisson

Catering: The Radisson



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