Oct 1, 2020

Jaime, Zack, Adela, and Rylee – Clinton, NY

I have known Jaime and Zack since their engagement session which still seems like it was just yesterday. But time sure does fly because they are now parents to two beautiful children, Adela and Rylee. And when I asked Jaime about how parent life is going she explained it perfectly. She said that even when it seems like the world is a mess around you (like going through a pandemic) it’s so nice that children center you and their innocent world brings so much happiness. And Adela is a ball of happy energy! I loved seeing her run around her backyard just living her best life. Rylee was more observant during our session and I could tell his brain was sponging up everything he saw, felt, and heard. I look forward to seeing Adela and Rylee grow up and how Jaime and Zack are going to mold these awesome tiny humans!



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