Sep 7, 2018

Jennifer & Jordan – Sky Armory in Syracuse, NY

Jenn and Jordan are two incredible people. They have a talent for making others feel right at home in their company. They may be one of the most relaxed and easy going couples I have ever met. Which easily translates to two people who understand what’s really important in life. Things like relationships, kindness, and just plain being a good person. So as you can imagine, I quickly admired these two and I wanted to witness them get married because I knew it would be purely about love. Jenn works for Lululemon and Jordan is an educator as well as an athletics coach. They met at Nazareth college where they both played lacrosse passionately. They now live in Westchester with their two dogs where they enjoy the simple things in life. And now, they are married!

On a stunning day in late August, Jordan and Jenn met at Onondaga Park in Syracuse, New York to see each other for the first time. Jenn was in a wedding dress that perfectly suited her personality and Jordan handsomely wore a blue suit. Their smiles when their eyes met were the telepathic kind. You can tell that their feelings were mutual of happiness and anticipation. Love, already well established, was eager for the next step. So after our first look we headed to Sky Armory for Jenn and Jordan to get married.

On the first floor of Sky Armory, chairs were lined in an industrial chic room. The guests hurried into their seats and the ceremony began. It was the most suiting ceremony for Jordan and Jenn, full of laughter and sweet smiles. Cheering quickly roared throughout the room and Jenn and Jordan were married! Cocktails feverishly were being made for everyone as the countdown for the celebration began. The rooms were lit by strings of lights and candles. The sun was setting and after everyone found their tables, the newly weds were announced and entered right into their first dance. The rest of the night was non-stop dancing and every time that I looked over to see what Jenn and Jordan was doing, they were smiling ear to ear. So I think their wedding day was a huge success. Congratulations to Jenn and Jordan!

First Look Location: Onondaga Park   //   Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sky Armory   //   Catering: Sky Armory   //   Event Planner: Rachel Demling



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