Jul 8, 2020

Juniper Turns 1 – Proctor Park in Utica, NY

I apologize for the delay of this post! I’m that nerdy person that has allergies in the middle of Summer and then gets full blown sick also in the middle of Summer. But here we are. Little Miss Juniper here turned 1 and her beautiful parents, Sara and Ramon wanted some photos to remember these precious moments. Sara and Ray are good old friends of mine. They began Photo Club of upstate New York way before photography was so attainable to the general public of consumers. We all lived and breathed photography and our club. We thrived off of learning from each other and producing work as a team. It was some of the best times of my life! Things are a little different now that we’re either parents or busy with careers, etc.  But my love for these people will never change. And it’s been incredible to watch Ramon and Sara become parents and raise such a precious little girl. Juniper is inquisitive, confident, and oh so cute! I loved watching her walk in the grass and try to grab my camera lens. It’s easy to see that her gears are turning and the world is hers to explore. Congratulations to Sara and Ramon on their new addition! And Happy Birthday to this sweet, Juniper! I love you so!



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