Sep 26, 2018

Kacie & Matt – Village of Clinton, NY Engagement

Originally, Kacie and Matt weren’t going to do engagement photos but I am so glad that they changed their mind. I got to know them a little better and was able to learn about what makes them tick. Like Kacie teaches dance at night and works at a law office during the day. Matt does construction and loves motorcycles. I don’t think they know this but they are beautiful together.And their love for each other is as clear as day. They met at Lukin’s which clearly was an interaction that sparked some romance because Matt eventually sold his motorcycle to pay for a stunning engagement ring for Kacie. Let me repeat, he sold his motorcycle. Now that’s some dedication.

It was great getting to know these two and spending a lovely Fall afternoon taking photos around Clinton, New York. I can’t wait for their wedding next year at Wolf Oak Acres. Until then I’ll be counting down the days. Congratulations to Kacie and Matt!



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