Dec 4, 2018

Kalynn & Ray – Clinton, NY Engagement Session

Sometimes you meet people that just inspire you. I have to say that is definitely Kalynn and Ray. Just by our first meeting during their engagement session I felt this zest for life that I sometimes forget to endure. Ray and Kalynn embraced me and were so genuinely happy to be braving the cold weather with me. They appreciate each other so much that it was almost like I wasn’t even photographing them at all. They were just laughing, kissing, smiling, and enjoying the moment all on their own. And I have to say, their outlook on the engagement session is the exact advice I give to couples being photographed. Let go of all your insecurities and love your other half like you never have before. As a matter of fact, take that advice and apply it to your everyday life! I adore these two for their positivity and light heartedness.

Kalynn was at the pool with her girlfriends and Ray just so happened to be there with his guy friends. The grouping of friends eventually intermingled and chicken fights began. With a little magic of life’s directions Ray put Kalynn on his shoulders for their turn of the chicken fight. And you guessed it, from that point on their relationship began. Their wedding day cannot come soon enough for me. My happiness for them makes me a Kalynn and Ray evangelist! Congratulations to these two beautiful human beings!



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