Sep 9, 2017

Kati & Matt – Harts Hill Inn in Whitesboro, NY

Kati and Matt convey a sweetness like no other. They know each other like the back of their hands and know how to support each other as a team. If that’s not a foundation for a successful marriage then I don’t know what is! After a crafty surprise engagement session in New York City by Matt, it had been a huge anticipation for their wedding day. It certainly did not disappoint as my heart warmed to watch them become husband and wife. And their day was spent boisterously celebrating!

My day began at Kati and Mat’’s new house which they built from the ground up. Not to mention, it’s a photographer’s dream because great light resides pretty much everywhere. After I hung out with the girls getting ready we headed to St. Paul’s Church in Whitesboro. They had a beautiful ceremony that left them gleaming and excited.

We proceeded to Root Glen in Hamilton college where we actually took Kati and Matt’s engagement session! We took photos around the garden and trails and had a blast along the the way. The reception took place at Harts Hill Inn in Whitesboro where everyone danced the night away and Kati and Matt had the night of their lives being married! I am overjoyed for their future together! Congratulations, Kati and Matt!

Ceremony Venue: St. Paul’s Church

Portrait Venue: Root Glen

Reception Venue: Harts Hill Inn

Entertainment: Jason Hamilton – DJ 360



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