Nov 13, 2016

Laura & Jobin – Angelo’s Prime 677 in Albany, New York

Laura & Jobin – Angelo’s 677 Prime in Albany, New York from Janelle Bonagurio on Vimeo.

Laura and Jobin remind me so much of a timeless love right out of a romance novel. The adoration surrounding their relationship is palpable. But let’s start from the very beginning. Laura and Jobin met at Geneseo College. In which Laura jokes, “he probably hated me at first!” But really the two became quite fond of each other. Fond enough to grow a relationship of 5 years and move to Albany together to begin their lives as a team. During my consultation with Laura, she described an intimate wedding with a cozy feel and a very laid back atmosphere. Now having photographed her wedding day, I would have to say that Laura and Jobin nailed it. It was perfect. Cold rain and all!

I had the honor to watch them say private vows to each other during a downpour in downtown Albany. They saw each other for the first time in their wedding attire under rain cover of a state building’s arches. It was cold, it was wet, but suddenly none of that mattered. Warmth emit once their eyes locked. Together, they said their vows to each other which no one will hear but each other and afterwards, walked hand in hand to get married with just their closest friends and family. That moment I will never forget because it was so raw and so real.

This was an intimate wedding done so right and so beautifully. The wedding and reception dinner took place at Angelo’s Prime 677, a venue I hope to return to very soon! Right as the sun set the candles were lit around the venue and white flowers danced among purple and blue lights. Several people cozied into their seats by the fireplace to watch Laura and Jobin get married. From that point on they were husband and wife and the glasses began to clink. Their day was so full of beautiful and powerful simplicity. These two people are genuine and kind. And I could not be any happier to see them tie the knot because we need teams like them in this world. We need people who love passionately and with all that they have. Congratulations to Laura and Jobin! I adore you both and what you represent!






Photography: Janelle Rodriguez Photography

Secondary Photographer: Elisha Hill

Preparation Venue: Albany Renaissance Hotel

Photography Venue: New York State Museum

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Angelo’s Prime 677

Catering: Angelo’s Prime 677



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