Aug 25, 2020

Leisha & Stephen – Engagement in Little Falls, NY

I worked with Leisha when she was filming a wedding that I was photographing years ago. And she has been kind enough to follow my work ever since. When she contacted me about her engagement and trusted in me for her engagement and wedding photos, boy was the pressure on! I definitely did not want to disappoint someone who supported my work for so long! But once I met with Leisha and Stephen for their engagement session I was reminded, these people are just awesome and I just have to do what I do best. And that’s love photography! The pressure was instantly lifted especially when Stephen immediately made me laugh. It was also very evident that these two make an amazing team. They always lift each other up with positivity with a touch of humor! 😉 I can’t thank these two enough for making the trip to work with me and for spending an afternoon being my models! I cannot wait for the wedding!



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