Apr 24, 2019

Mallory & Matt – Dibbles Inn in Vernon, NY

Mallory was working at a restaurant. Matt walked in and when they saw each other something sparked because they could not stop glancing at each other. The whole time that he was there they exchanged these curious glances and then he left. But obviously, the story does not end there. Malloy and a friend decided to go out for drinks after work. They ended up trying out a new bar that they’ve never been to before. And alas, who is there? Matt! The curiosity could no longer keep it’s calm as they began a conversation and they quickly fell in love.

Mallory and Matt had a beautiful day for a wedding. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures, the rain held out for us just in time for beautiful photos and a gorgeous ceremony. Heading to the reception it began to rain but if you know me, I love rain during a reception because it gives the coziest feels! It was perfect timing for everyone to gather into Dibbles Inn and listen to Mallory’s dad perform songs that he had written. Everyone was in awe of his music and his words and tears were people’s eyes. Mallory and Matt spent the rest of the night dancing away with their family and friends. Such a beautiful day! Congratulations to Mallory and Matt!

Makeup Artist: Tease and Makeup   //   Videography: T2 Video Productions  //   Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes Church  //  Venue & Catering: Dibbles Inn



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