Oct 31, 2017

Michelle & Evan – Engagement in Little Falls, NY

Michelle and Evan wanted to do their engagement session in Little Falls, NY. And if you don’t already know it’s a hidden gem in the central New York area. So much so that celebrities John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are there at this moment shooting a movie! Little Falls is quietly tucked by a canal and cute shops in their downtown area. It has amazing architecture everywhere and great spots for rock climbing. And this is actually where Evan grew up! He then eventually went to the Albany area for pharmacy school and there he met the prettiest girl in the world, Michelle.

Through school, long distance, and now wedding planning, these two have an unbreakable bond. Their love for each other reminds me of timeless romances with happily ever afters. I loved getting to know them and watching the sunset with them. I am so happy for them and what their future holds. Congratulations on your engagement, Michelle and Evan!!



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