Jul 22, 2015

Mrs. Bonagurio


It’s true! I’m married! A lot has been happening in my life and I’m just getting to writing a personal blog about it. For that I apologize! And really, this is just a teaser to my first day as Mrs. Bonagurio. Once I get everything in order, I’ll have the whole story to tell. Our plans have changed immensely for a very happy surprise coming this Winter. All I can say for now is I’ve never felt an experience as powerful as declaring forever love to someone. I’ve witnessed this miracle for over 6 years of photographing weddings but never quite got it until I was the one walking down the isle. Besides the decor, the fancy clothing, and musical choices, I really wanted to understand the importance of a marriage. So as personal as they are, I decided to show our written vows. It’s the best insight as to how David and I intend to approach our life together. This is how we will try to treat each other every single day and yes, we accept off days and mistakes. Imperfections are beautiful too. We believe that our love is indestructible with trust, faith, and communication. So stay tuned for more on our wedding day and until then enjoy the upcoming weddings that I’m photographing! 🙂






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