Sep 6, 2016

Natasha & Ryan – Skaneateles, New York

I loved this idea that Natasha and Ryan had. If you don’t recall, I shot Natasha and Ryan’s wedding at Wolf Oak Acres. It was an insanely fun wedding with so much to capture. I loved everything about that day and everything I saw in Natasha and Ryan. They are the fearless love that shines bright and they aren’t afraid to show it. These two hard working urologists are nothing short of amazing and when they contacted me to photograph them once again, it was an offer that I clearly could not refuse. I adore them!

They moved to Skaneateles, New York a couple years ago. They purchased a historical home right in the downtown area and have grown to love Skaneateles Lake. How could you not? Have you seen that lake? It’s stunning! So because their new home means so much to them they wanted to get creative, get back into their wedding clothes, and shoot photos there! What a wonderful idea! So I met them at their home and they rocked their wedding gear once again.

We took photos around their beautiful home and I even got to meet their sweet girl, Maya. Then we took a stroll through Clift Park right along the water. It was absolutely wonderful being able to spend time with Natasha and Ryan once again. It’s not often I get to hang with brides and grooms after the wedding and see what life after the wedding is like. And when I saw Natasha’s bouquet hang drying by the front door, a photograph I took blown up and hung on the wall, and Ryan looking at Natasha with those loving eyes, I felt at peace. What they are living day after day is a journey that I was lucky to witness from the very beginning, their wedding day. That is so beautiful.







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