Oct 26, 2017

Nicole & Alex – Engagement in Downtown Utica, NY

Nicole and Alex met at one of my favorite places, Nail Creek! And what’s wild is that when they were introduced there, not only did sparks fly but they also turned out to both be copywriters. Alex and Nicole are that balancing couple that are so fun to watch together. They beam together and clearly adore one another. Alex always puts Nicole at ease and Nicole resonates warmth towards Alex.

We decided to return to Nail Creek to begin their engagement session and what better way to start of a photo shoot then with a couple beers? We then headed to The Saranac Brewery for a few shots as the sun began to lower down. They photograph so well, I was having a blast! And to think, they were nervous?! We ended by visiting Nicole’s cousin’s barber shop that was an amazing space full of vintage decor and industrial contrast. It was tons of fun and I’m so liked about their wedding next year. Congratulations to Nicole and Alex!!

Locations: Nail Creek   //   The Saranac Brewery   //   Franklin Square in Utica, NY



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