Sep 21, 2018

Nicole & Everett – Hayloft on the Arch in Vernon Center, NY

Nicole is a city girl and Everett is a country boy. They met at Marist College when they were 18 years old and fell in love. Everett and Nicole share a love of traveling and adventure and found a sense of home in each other. From that point on they were together and before they knew it 7 years had passed by. That bond encouraged Everett to propose to Nicole on the cliffside trails of Mendocino Headlands State Park in California. Instantly, their next adventure had began.

These two travel enthusiasts decided to randomly pick a place on a map that had a wedding venue that they loved. Lucky for me that place was Hayloft on the Arch in Vernon Center, New York, a venue that I love and know very well. It has been rated in many prestigious wedding publications as one of the most beautiful barns to get married at. I would definitely have to agree.

On September 8, 2019 it was a not too cold, not to hot, but just perfect kind of day. I met Nicole and Everett for the first time and could immediately sense the strength between them. I don’t know if that’s a thing or maybe I’m sensitive to feeling people’s energy but it was apparent that these two (even way before their wedding day) have committed to each other with unwavering love and respect.

They had one of the most beautiful and relaxed wedding days I have ever experienced. For two people who have planned a wedding at a random far away location, boy did they nail it. For a huge event to run so smoothly from the very beginning to when day turned into night. Ending the day watching them dancing with their family and friends was a beautiful sight to see. Congratulations to Nicole and Everett!

Wedding Venue: Hayloft on the Arch   ||   Makeup Artist: Tease and Makeup   ||   Entertainment: West End Blend



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