Sep 7, 2021

Nicole & Joseph – Stonebridge Golf Club in Frankfort, NY

These two met in college PE class. They are one stunning balancing team. Nicole is sweet and soft spoken and Joey is full of fun. Joey has a way of lifting Nicole’s spirits and Nicole has a way of keeping Joey at ease. They are both so beautiful inside and out that it was such a joy to watch them on their wedding day. They were glowing! Nicole walked down the aisle looking like an angel and Joey was shedding tears of pure, utter joy.

We took photos around downtown Utica, New York and rode golf carts around Stonebridge Golf and Country Club in Frankfort, New York. We finished with photos just in time because it rained, a lot! But you know what they say, rain on your wedding day is good luck because a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie! This was an amazing day and a huge congratulations to Nicole and Joseph!



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