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Oct 4, 2018

Danielle and James are two people who share a lot of great characteristics like how they exude kindness and are humble yet are some of the most brilliant people you will ever meet. To think that they once never knew each other is so hard to even imagine because they compliment each other so well. […]

Sep 26, 2018

Originally, Kacie and Matt weren’t going to do engagement photos but I am so glad that they changed their mind. I got to know them a little better and was able to learn about what makes them tick. Like Kacie teaches dance at night and works at a law office during the day. Matt does […]

Sep 26, 2018

Gina and Louie are so easy to photograph because they are always on the same wavelength. So much so that they exude this harmonious confidence that I really admire. It was as if they weren’t even being photographed, just enjoying the afternoon! It was a great reminder to just enjoy life and your partner in […]

Sep 21, 2018

Nicole is a city girl and Everett is a country boy. They met at Marist College when they were 18 years old and fell in love. Everett and Nicole share a love of traveling and adventure and found a sense of home in each other. From that point on they were together and before they […]

Sep 18, 2018

Sarah and Ryan moved to the Syracuse, New York area all the way from Utah. Then shortly after that, had their first baby whom they named Ruby. They welcomed me into their beautiful and meticulously decorated home. I felt like I was in Anthropologie Home magazine and it was inspiring! And there we shot a […]