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Oct 11, 2019

Preface (From October 7, 2019): What was originally supposed to be an engagement session turned into something totally different. Alyssa and Anthony’s dog, Tucker became suddenly ill. He was bleeding internally and didn’t have much time left. The day of our engagement session, Alyssa and Anthony knew it was time for Tucker to go. So […]

Oct 10, 2019

I get kind of emotional when I think of Jocelyn and Luke and our engagement session. These two make magic in front of the camera all due to the fact that they trusted me and let their guard down. With that teamwork of understanding an artistic vision I was able to see all the personality […]

Oct 9, 2019

On Christmas Eve Alyssa was surprised to find Dominic on one knee with their dog, Mabelline. He proposed and Alyssa said yes. These two are a match made in heaven. They both care deeply about animals and have a soft spot for dogs. So it was no surprise that on their wedding day they planned […]

Oct 8, 2019

Katy and Peter met in undergrad at SUNY Albany and that is where their relationship began. Now, they reside in the Saratoga area where Katy is a pharmacist and Peter is an industrial engineer. Katy and Peter are so very fun to see together. They laugh a lot and smile big. We met at Yaddo […]

Oct 4, 2019

Let me preface: Meghan is an optometrist and one day she had a new patient. That patient was John and he asked her out on a date. On Meghan and John’s wedding day, John’s brother told everyone the story of how John blatantly explained that he knew he would marry Meghan after their first date. […]