Oct 31, 2019

Sara & Pat – Utica, NY

I have to give big props to Sara and Pat for toughing through our session in the rain! And rain has been a theme for the month of October. I can’t argue with mother nature! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I love embracing what nature gives us. I’ll shoot in rain, snow, wind, anything, just not a complete downpour (to prevent damage to my equipment). I think the elements add a challenge but also a beautiful atmosphere. Have you ever stepped out for date night with your babe and it’s cold or rainy? What do you naturally do? You snuggle up and keep going! And that’s exactly the vibe I strive to get when a photoshoot runs into the ever dreaded too cold or too wet or too snowy. Get close, baby! Hold on to your love and help each other get cozy because that’s the prefect capture. Congratulations to Sara and Pat on their engagement!!



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