Aug 23, 2021

Sarah & Joey – Utica, NY

Sarah and Joey are like a DIY queen and king. When Covid changed their original venue they decided to make things happen locally. I was so interested to see how they were going to use the space and boy, I was not only impressed but totally blown away. They had a beautiful ceremony at Mount Carmel Church in Utica, New York. We took photos around the downtown area of Utica. And they were a fun and wild group! I really appreciated all the laughs.

Next, we headed to Joey’s parents home. It was like stepping out of Utica and into a totally different world! Right behind their home was a gigantic tent decked out in the most beautiful greenery and beautiful personal touches. The energy was boisterous as everyone was ready to celebrate Sarah and Joey properly. The band sounded great and everyone danced through the night. And I loved that all of this happened right in the heart of Utica. Talk about a spectacular day for two spectacular people. Congratulations to Sarah and Joey!!!



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