Oct 15, 2018

Sarah + Jonathan = Jo – Cooperstown, NY

I photographed Sarah and Jonathan’s wedding back in 2015 and since then so much has happened with these two. First of all, Jonathan’s career has progressed so much that he has probably produced, written, and directed  massive amounts of film work. All of which are incredible to watch. Sarah has officially become a doctor so a huge congratulations is in order for that feat. And lastly, probably the most impactful event to happen is that they had a daughter named Jo! Who just so happens to be one of the most well behaved and relaxed babies I have ever met. This beautiful family invited me to their secondary home, Cooperstown, New York to spend the morning with them and photograph them. What I love most about these people is that they have beautiful, positive, energy. Even when it began to rain they were up for taking photos around Cooperstown and make the most of the weather. They are so fun and Jo is going to be so happy being raised by Sarah and Jonathan. I cannot wait so see how they mold this cutie! Congratulations!!



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