Aug 27, 2014

Skydiving and Gratitude: The post I’ve been wanting to post.

I’ve been meaning to write a personal post for a very long time but of course life has been very busy this time of year with all of the beautiful weddings and amazing brides and grooms I’ve been working with.  But I really wanted to write a post about life in general and how much I’ve realized and learned in the past year.

A few friends and I decided to make a trip to go skydiving the other day which really reiterates my life these days.  And by that I mean a great appreciation for life.  And many of you may know my photography work and know my life in the exterior.  But like all of us, we have a story.  This is mine.


My parents came to America in the early 70’s searching for the American Dream.  And hoping for that opportunity for a good life.  I remember the struggle of growing up poor, racism in our neighborhood, and my mother working all day and all night to become an American pediatrician.  We had no help, nothing but hope and an admirable work ethic.

So now, being all grown up and after a few years of working extremely hard, I’m finally able to afford to do things for the first time.  Like visiting outside of the country.  Which my boyfriend and I are visiting Greece at the end of the wedding season.  When I received my passport in the mail I screamed because I’ve always wanted one.  I got a tattoo because I was always curious what it felt like and I always wanted a band around my arm the signifies loyalty to your true self.  I didn’t even flinch by the way!  I went spelunking with my boyfriend for his birthday because well, why not?  The movie ‘The Descent’ wasn’t that bad.  I gathered a group of amazing friends and jumped off of a plane, I mean, seriously, why not?

My point here is that for awhile I forgot how to enjoy life because let’s be honest, maybe I wasn’t able to.  Or couldn’t afford to do certain things.  Or I was so focused on getting somewhere with a career.  But I worked pretty damn hard to get to the point where I am now.  Instead of being stuck in a funnel focus now I’m able to focus on what’s really important.  And what’s really important to me is am I being a good daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, self-less member of my community?  Accept the fact that life is about risks and mistakes, just learn from them and move forward.  And I’ve certainly taken risks and made many mistakes.  You can’t please everyone, you just CAN’T.  I accept that I will always have to worry about my mother’s health and sometimes my own.  I can appreciate the short amount of good times that I was able to spend with my father.  Let go of the small stuff and don’t let too much get you down.  Don’t waste time being sad.  Life is too short, just BE HAPPY.  Love genuinely and don’t feel awkward saying it too much.  Real love is raw, about communication, working hard through things together, and really appreciating what’s around you.

I read an article the other day and an excerpt from it really struck me: “Are you healthy, do you have a warm roof over your head and food in your belly, do you have friends? If the answer is yes, you’re doing better than two thirds of the worlds population, the attitude of gratitude.”  Can we all agree that we’ve been there?  Worrying too much about something too little?  Take the time today to think about what you’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for my mother who I realize I’m becoming more and more like everyday.  My brother who is the epitome of balanced strength and a great sense of humor.  My friends that accept and support me for exactly who I am and have shown me to loosen up a little.  Okay, let’s be real … A LOT.  My boyfriend, David, for showing me how to love, to not be afraid to give it your all, and trust people.  My clients who believe in me and root for me.  And that even though I’ve had a roller coaster of a life, I can still smile because let’s be honest, it’s the feature you all notice first. 🙂

The skydiving adventure:

One of my best friends, Gavin who is also a spectacular wedding videographer being a great friend and feeding David who is an extremely talented artist some pie.  That’s what friends are for.

Learning the knowledge for the jump from the plane.

The Skydive The Ranch mascot dog.


My good friends Tom and Lexi that are also photographers at

The plane that we took up 13,500 feet!

Lexi’s sexy face.

Tom’s sexy face.

The moment of truth. Or the moment of regret? Nah, JUMP!

The glorious descent to the ground.

Laurie, Gavin, David, and I after our skydiving experience!

Photos collectively taken by all of us and my skydiving photographer/videographer.




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