Sep 19, 2020

Susie’s Fight with Pancreatic Cancer

I have been thinking a lot about this photoshoot I did for a family who’s been experiencing a lot of pain. Their mother, Susie has been battling pancreatic cancer. This is a difficult subject for me to talk about because I haven’t experienced a situation like this. But what I do know is that I met Susie when her daughter Carolyn was getting married. And she lights up a room like the brightest star in the sky. I don’t know if I think into things too much or have some strange intuition about people but I knew there was something amazing about her. So to learn she began her battle with cancer shortly after I met her at the wedding, made me incredibly sad. Throughout this time, I heard from mothers in my community talk about Susie. They would tell me that she made a huge impact on their lives when entering motherhood or how helpful she was to mothers when navigating breastfeeding. I myself know how hard breastfeeding can be with each child and lactation consultants are mentors that change your life.

This morning Susie has gone to Heaven and my heart is with Susie and her family today. I feel so blessed to have met her.



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