Sep 21, 2015

The Donnelly Family

The closer I get to becoming a mother the more I understand the importance of family portraits. There is nothing quite like the feeling of home in other people and safety in unwavering love. So the best way to approach a family session, in my opinion, is take in those feelings and be patient. I like to think I’m a very observant person. That’s my favorite thing to do, is observe how people act and develop among others. I loved watching the dynamic of The Donnelly family. They are busy bodies. Michelle and Andrew take great care of their daughters Abbey, Lauren, and Katelyn Rose. All the while working, remodeling their 200 year old house, and having a happy marriage. That’s what I call superstars. They are lively and treat each other with such respect. They have a positive outlook on life that I admire and a sense of humor that is humbling. They are just sweet as pie and I loved working with them.





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