Mar 11, 2015

The Mrs. Project

Every once and awhile I look down at my left hand and the ring on my finger. I’m astounded that I’m getting married. I don’t know if everyone feels the same way but I’m really intimidated by the concept of forever. Not in the sense that I don’t think my fiancé is amazing and the best person to be a team with, he is.  I’m grateful for him every single day. Within the initial feeling of happiness is also the feeling of fear. I fear failure, I fear the obstacles that will inevitably stand in our way (parenting, finances, careers, in which some aspects I’m sure we’ll eventually disagree), and I fear growing apart from each other.  All things that are the reality of being a living human being … change.



The moment I realized, “I’m ENGAGED”, I became the happiest person alive.  It’s totally true, some girls dream of this day their entire lives. It is a reason to celebrate because it’s a rebirth of a new life with one another. Some people search their entire lives for their other half.  I found mine. I found the guy that I cannot get enough of.  I trust him with my life and I see his face in my future.  We build strength from each other and flourish with our mutual life goals.  He’s my family, he just is.



I’m a wedding photographer.  Marital fidelity should be what I know best!  Wrong.  Only until the moment that I got engaged, I feel like I truly understand what it means to be betrothed to another and anticipating the enlightenment of marriage. So I decided to document the days until my wedding date in between this years wedding photography posts.  I want to openly talk about some things that are left out of the fairy tale romance like:

  • Last Names: take it, leave it, hyphenate it, identity crisis!
  • In-Laws: friend or foe?
  • Wedding Planning: who’s this wedding actually for anyways!?
  • So … when’s my grandkids coming?

And just talk about my experience wedding planning as well.  I’d also love to hear from you all too.  So please comment and let’s get discussions going about marriage and weddings.  I find it so fascinating how unique each relationship that I’ve documented is.  And I look forward to photographing my future weddings knowing what it’s like to be a bride.  To happy 2015 weddings and to marrying my love, David on December 19th, 2015!




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